What Should I Do After a House Fire Happens?

Knowing what to do if it ever happens in your home will help you survive

For most people, a house fire is the worst thing you could imagine ever happening to your home. And while it isn’t something you want to think about, it is vital to think about fire safety and talk to your family about an escape plan. Knowing what to do if it ever happens in your home will help you survive, but it is also essential to know what to do after a fire to help you recover.

Call Your Insurance

Once the fire is out, one of the first calls should be to your insurance agent. They can help you figure out your next steps, and they may be able to help you find the right contractors to help restore your house. They can also help you navigate the unsolicited calls, such as from public adjusters or contractors, you may receive once people see that your home has suffered from a fire.

Find Restoration Companies

The next thing you need to find is a restoration company, and your insurance agent may be able to direct you to some that are suitable. Finding a good restoration company is vital because you will likely have soot and smoke damage that needs to be cleaned up and other fire damage that needs repair. Even before they start on repairs, a restoration company can help you by boarding up windows and securing a tarp over the roof, if required.

Find Someplace To Stay

If you can’t stay in your home, you will need to find someplace to spend the night, such as a relative’s home or a hotel. Keep in mind that even if there isn’t structural damage, it may still be unsafe to spend the night in the house because of the smoke and soot.

Sort Property

You will need to sort your property to determine what items are damaged and what stuff you can save. Make a detailed inventory of all of the damaged items to submit to your insurance adjuster. It can often be a very emotional process, so reach out to someone you trust to help you.

Protect Undamaged Stuff

The things that have come through the fire undamaged need to be stored somewhere safe. If you leave them in an unsecured building, they may be stolen or damaged by vandalism. If you have to store your goods in a storage unit, tell your insurance agent or adjuster. They may be able to include those costs in your settlement.

Cooperate With Investigators

Most insurance companies try to settle house fire claims quickly, but you need to be available for calls and meetings. Cooperate with the adjuster so that the process doesn’t get slowed down.

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