Tips for Surviving a Residential Fire

A residential fire can cause you to lose many possessions, and keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance.

If a fire occurs, it’s crucial that you and your family know what to do. When it comes down to it, fire safety is about saving lives, so it’s especially important that children are adequately trained in fire safety procedures to prevent serious injuries or even devastating loss. A residential fire can cause you to lose many possessions, and keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance. Here are several fire safety tips you should keep in mind in the event of a residential fire.

Extinguish the Fire When Possible

If a pot on your starts to catch fire or starts to spark, you should try to extinguish it if possible. Grease fires in a pan should be smothered with a lid, though many an extinguisher may be necessary as well. Properly use the extinguisher by pulling the pin, aiming at the base of the flames, squeezing the extinguisher handle, and then sweeping from side to side.

Check Doors and Door Knobs for Heat

When moving from room to room during a residential fire, always check the doors. Opening a door when there’s a fire on the other side can be very dangerous, and also cause it to spread much more quickly. If you need to open a door, check the temperature by touching the door itself and doorknob. If they’re hot to the touch, try to find another exit and look for windows.

Crawl Beneath Smoke

Always stay below the flames and smoke by crawling in the event of a residential fire. The poisonous gases associated with smoke and flames can cause lightheadedness or loss of consciousness if inhaled. If you can, cover your mouth while crawling beneath the fire to the nearest exit.

Run to Safety & Call for Help

Once you get outside, put distance between yourself and the fire. You’ll want to get as far from the flames as possible to avoid further smoke inhalation or injury. Call emergency services using your cell phone or a neighbor’s phone.

Fire Prevention

You can do your best to prevent a residential fire by taking some simple steps at home. Always make sure your smoke detectors are correctly working and make sure that you have fire extinguishers on hand at home. It’s also a good idea to go over your family’s fire safety plan regularly, which will help your whole family be confident enough to handle a residential fire if this unfortunately happens.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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