What Must You Throw Away After a House Fire?


judd fire protection you must throw away after a house fire

Here are some things you must throw away after a house fire.

After a house fire, most people tend to save as much as possible. While this might help cope with the trauma, it can lead to some severe health risks if you utilize spoiled or contaminated items that should have gone into the garbage. Here are some things you must throw away after a house fire.

Definitely Don’t Keep Food

Your kitchen is one of the most hazardous things in your home you can utilize after a house fire. You must also throw away any non-perishable food that isn’t in a seal, such as canned food. The same can be said for anything in a box that might have been exposed to the chemicals used by firefighters.

In addition, perishable food poses health risks, too. Regardless of appearance, any frozen food that reaches room temperature is one of the things you must throw away after a house fire. If you suspect soot has contaminated your food, throw it away.


Another dangerous set of things you must throw away after a house fire is medicine or items that belong in a medicine cabinet. Soot or hazardous chemicals can easily contaminate medications; ingesting them can lead to contamination.

Make-Up and Hygiene Products

You should also avoid contaminated makeup. Smoke-contaminated chemicals in your makeup can enter your skin. Also, high temperatures (from the fire that created the smoke) can modify the makeup’s chemical composition, making it dangerous.

Toiletries should also be treated similarly to cosmetics. Similar to makeup, inserting or rubbing the product can lead to hazardous ingestion of soot and chemicals. Overall, it’s best to throw out contaminated cosmetics and toiletry products with the rest of the trash.

Burned Fabrics

The last of the things you must throw away after a house fire is any clothing that’s been burned or singed. While it’s fine to eventually make the clothes with minor soot exposure safe to wear again, any damaged or burned clothing, fabrics, or textiles should be thrown out.

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