Read This Before Your Annual Fire Alarm System Inspection

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There’s no excuse for allowing harm to come to any of your employees, and without a fire alarm system inspection, you’re putting everyone at risk.

If you are in a commercial building, your fire alarm system needs to be tested once a year.  Not only is this compliant with fire code, it also ensures that your business will stay safe and sound, even if disaster strikes.  There’s no excuse for allowing harm to come to any of your employees, and without a fire alarm system inspection, you’re putting everyone at risk.  Read on to find out why a yearly inspection is needed for your commercial fire alarm system, and discover what you should expect.

Why Do I Need an Inspection?


It doesn’t matter what kind of commercial building you’re in; large or small,  your building needs a fire alarm.  And, accompanying that, you need an annual inspection.  This is because fire alarms are not used very often (hopefully, at least) and if they are broken or malfunctioning, it can be impossible to tell.   So, an inspection is the only reliable way to ensure that your system is functioning properly.  A professional is required, because some problems can only be spotted by those who know what to look for.  


Before an Inspection


When your inspection appointment is approaching, ensure that all employees are aware that an inspection will take place.  It needs to be reiterated that the fire alarm system will be turned off so that no false alarms will sound.  Employees should always be aware of this, as it means they’ll need to be extremely cautious around fire hazards; perhaps even avoid anything that could pose a fire threat.  


During an Inspection


A fire alarm system inspection consists of several factors, including but not limited to checking pressure gauges, visually inspecting for damage or tampering, replacing blow off caps, checking systems for 12 year expiration dates, documenting needs for repairs, and more.  It depends on your fire inspector, but most will provide thorough reports; fire safety is radically important, and your employees and your business are reliant on a successful fire alarm system inspection.


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