Preventing Residential Electrical Fires

Preventing Residential Electrical Fires

Preventing residential electrical fires starts with these simple tips!

More than 30,000 incidences of non-fatal electric shock occur every year and about 1,000 people every year die from electrocution. There are many electrical hazards within the home that can cause dangerous electrical fires. To make your home safer, follow these tips.

Stop Residential Electrical Fires

  • Check your outlets for plugs that are not securely in place. These outlets can be a shock and fire hazard. Be sure to replace plates so wiring isn’t exposed.
  • Never force plugs into outlets and avoid overloading adapters and outlets with too many plugs.
  • Do not use extension cords on a regular basis. Extension cords are meant to be used temporarily and aren’t meant to be a permanent piece of household wiring. They can also cause shock and burns from becoming overheated.
  • Be sure that your cords are not frayed or cracked and that these are not put in high traffic areas or under carpets and rugs, as this can be another hazard.
  • Check the wattage on your light bulbs to match the requirements of your fixtures. Replace the bulbs that need replacing and make sure they are screwed in properly so they don’t overheat.

Other Considerations

There are other things in your home that can make your risk for a residential electrical fire much higher. Circuit breakers and fuse boxes are common causes of electrical fires when they burn out or abruptly short circuit. Fuses must be properly rated for the circuits they are protecting. Always replace fuses with the same size you are removing and ensure that circuit breakers are working properly. Keep an eye out on appliances that frequently blow a fuse, as it could be a risk for shock or fire. This risk can be caused by cracks and damages in the wiring or if the wiring itself is fully exposed. Wiring defects can be a primary cause of blazes in a residence. Periodically inspecting your household appliances to check for wiring flaws can save you in the future.

Smell the Smoke Before the Fire!

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