All You Need to Know about Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Since fire sprinkler systems are so important to our well-being, isn’t it equally important to understand how they work?

Look up–if you’re in an office, chances are, you can see fire sprinklers on the ceiling.  This is an incredibly common way to protect buildings from fire.  Most people have seen them function only through movies and television.  This isn’t always the best representation of how fire sprinkler systems actually work!  Since fire sprinkler systems are so important to our well-being, isn’t it equally important to understand how they work?  Read on to find out how these common systems actually work!

Why do they work?


Both wet and dry sprinkler systems work by suffocating the fire source.  Of course, these sprinklers are only set off when the fire is compromising.  You won’t have the entire building doused in water due to a simple microwave malfunction.  Sprinkler systems are much more intelligent!  Wet systems will drop water in the surrounding area, and dry systems will use nitrogen gas.  Either way, they work by taking away the oxygen that is fueling the fire itself.  So, now that we know the why, let’s learn the how.


How do they work?


Because they can’t run on electricity, sprinkler systems are a little more complicated than your common smoke detector.  Sprinkler systems are set off through heat and pressure.  Pressurized water is in wet systems at all times, waiting to be released when the right amount of heat rises.  Wood’s metal is a kind of metal alloy in the sprinkler nozzle; when it melts, that’s when the water or nitrogen will release.  It’s a simple but effective system, and can’t be set off simply by a hot day at the warehouse.


Why wet or dry?


Wet sprinkler systems are most commonly used because they’re faster to react than dry systems.  The only downside of wet systems are that the water in the pipes can freeze; this is why dry systems do well in colder settings, because nitrogen can’t freeze.  But, dry systems are only used in very particular situations for this reason.


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