Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Really That Effective?

fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinkler systems are required for many different commercial properties, but do they really make that big of a difference when a fire occurs?

Fire sprinkler systems are required for many different commercial properties, but do they really make that big of a difference when a fire occurs? Many business owners and homeowners don’t realize how much of a radical difference fire sprinkler system makes when the worst happens. Here are some of the many reasons why fire sprinkler systems are such an important part of your fire safety.

Reduce Losses

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to reduce losses in commercial buildings and residential homes. A recent study demonstrated that fire sprinkler systems can actually reduce the overall amount of property damage, injuries, and loss of life by over half. Fire sprinkler systems can radically transform the likelihood that your property and employees will survive a tragic fire.

They’re Reliable

Fire sprinkler systems are incredibly reliable, especially when compared to other fire protection devices and the wait times for fire trucks. Fire sprinkler systems properly operated in a whopping 91% of structural fires that activated the sprinklers. Why didn’t fire sprinkler systems engage in every one of those fires? A lack of maintenance. Properly maintained fire sprinkler systems are the best possible way to ensure that your property is protected. If you have a fire sprinkler system now but cannot remember the last time that you got it inspected or maintained, it’s important to make sure it is still up to standards and in working order or it might be completely useless.

They Save Lives

If you are not concerned about protecting your property, your business, and anything else without your commercial property – you should definitely be concerned about the lives within the building. These systems help to stop the spread of fire and allow anyone within your building to escape without any injuries or lives lost. Customers, visitors, employees, staff members, and even you could all be lives lost in a devastating fire without proper fire sprinkler systems installed.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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