Fire Protection Tips: Fireproofing Your Home’s Basement

Fire Protection Tips: Fireproofing Your Home’s Basement

One way to improve fire protection in your basement is to put in some blocks.

When it comes to fireproofing your home, it’s just as important to pay attention to your attic and basement as it is your kitchen and laundry room. Whenever you think there might be a possible fire hazard, you should do your best to minimize it. Sitting in front of a fireplace in your basement can be a fun way to get cozy and relax if you don’t feel like camping under the stars in your backyard. Here’s what you can do.

Put in Blocks

One way to improve fire protection in your basement is to put in some blocks. Start by determining how far apart the wall studs are. To do this, you will need a tape measure, a pencil, and some paper. Unroll the tape measure and see how much distance there is between the insides of your wall studs. Whatever you find, make a note of it using pen and paper and round off to the nearest quarter-inch if necessary. Before you continue, stop and inspect your basement to see any insulation or other fire stopping measures were already in place.

Add Fireproof Coating

The blocks that you use will be planks of wood that you have cut down to size. You’ll want to put them where the studs intersect with the joists supporting the floor or the frame of the wall. Nail them and make sure they’re secure. Then, the next step is to add some fireproof coating. Without this coating, the fire stopping measures you’ve just installed will only last about fifteen or twenty minutes. The fireproof coating will help the blocks last longer, and every minute makes a tremendous difference.

Plug Any Gaps

Don’t forget to plug in any gaps you see on your walls or your floors. Even a small gap in your fireproof blocks can allow fumes or flames to spread. Foaming caulk can cover these gaps up, especially if there are near the sensors or wiring for residential sprinklers.

Install Residential Sprinklers

Sometimes, a fire can still happen, even if you do your best to prevent it. Luckily, this is why residential sprinklers are so useful. The sensors on this sprinklers will activate when they detect enough heat generated by a fire and then start dispensing water to extinguish the fire.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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