Fire Protection for Hospitals in Maryland

Fire Protection for Hospitals in Maryland

Reliable fire protection systems are crucial for hospitals and health care facilities in Maryland.

Reliable fire protection systems are crucial for hospitals and health care facilities in Maryland. These systems must be in good working order. Also, it is vital to note that Implementing quality fire safety initiatives can be challenging for health care facilities because codes and standards are forever changing. Health care facilities are one of the most complicated building projects for fire systems and overall life safety building operations. For example, in Maryland’s high-rise hospitals, complete area smoke detectors operate better and they are more cost effective than traditional damper and duct smoke detectors. The complete area smoke detectors work better for smoke control. However, dampers may still be required by the fire safety codes depending on other structural factors.

Causes of Hospital Fires

Although hospital fires are rare, they do occur, and causes include smoking, although it is not allowed in hospitals. Most smoking fires are caused by visitors or work crews doing construction at the facility. In many hospitals, the staff members most likely to cause fire code problems are from the information technology department, because of technicians’ penchant for punching holes through fire walls to run new wires in hidden areas. Finally, experts estimate that 550 to 650 patients a year nationally catch on fire during surgery, even though a primary cause, the use of oxygen, can be avoided in most situations by using nonflammable medical-grade air instead.

Fire Sprinklers for Hospitals

Installing automatic fire sprinklers throughout all hospitals and health care facilities in Maryland provides enhanced protection for patients and staff who may be intimately involved with fire ignition. According to the National Fire Protection Association, sprinkler system design includes use of listed quick-response and residential sprinklers installed throughout the areas containing patient sleeping rooms. The rapid activation of these specially designed sprinklers is intended to restrict the spread of fire and the associated products of combustion, thus reducing the need for extensive patient evacuation.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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