Common Causes of Commercial Fires

Common Causes of Commercial Fires

Anything that can cause a fire in a home can be a cause of commercial fires too. Learn the common causes so you can prevent them!

While many think that the current demands on health and safety have gone a step too far, the statistics on fires and fatalities caused by fires tell a different story. Fire safety should remain paramount for any employer or owner of commercial buildings. On average, seven people die in U.S. home fires per day. Cooking equipment was the leading cause of home structure fires and home fire injuries and ties with heating as the second leading cause of home fire deaths. Anything that can cause a fire in a home can be a cause of commercial fires too. Learn the common causes so you can prevent them!

Leading Causes

Faulty electrics are the biggest cause of workplace fires. Loose wires, plugs that are over loaded and old equipment can all make for a potential death trap. Every workplace is legally obligated to take good care of any electrical equipment, and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an absolute must. These tests, undertaken every year, will ensure that your electrical goods stay in proper working order and are fit for purpose. Flammable and combustible materials represent a dangerous hazard to your employees as well as your business. While every workplace should place fire safety at the forefront of their risk assessments, this is particularly true of premises that hold materials that are flammable or combustible. Appropriate storage, correct disposal, and in-depth processes for handling these materials and or substances should be instated.

Stay Safe

With only a few precautions, you can significantly reduce the risk of fire in your business. Being smoke-free or creating designated areas for smoking will greatly reduce the risk of cigarette fires. Regular electrical and wiring inspection can decrease the odds of a fire getting started by an old cord or improperly wired machine. By taking simple precautions when storing flammable items and keeping up to date on maintenance of heat sources, you can take a big step toward preventing a fire in your business. In addition to reviewing and addressing potential causes of commercial fires, commercial fire alarm systems for small business provide the extra protection necessary to assure peace of mind. Getting advanced smoke and heat detectors will alert operators as soon as a fire is developing and send help immediately. As an added measure, some places also install sprinkler systems and pull stations to ensure that your business is fully protected in the case of a fire.

Smell the Smoke Before the Fire!

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