Avoiding Fire Danger in the Office Kitchen


Learn to avoid fire danger in the office kitchen.

When fire safety for your business comes to mind, chances are you’re thinking about your fire alarms or fire sprinkler system. But have you thought about fire safety in the office kitchen? While office kitchen fires might start small, they can significantly damage the structure of your office space or the building. So, be mindful of your employees’ safety and learn to avoid fire danger in the office kitchen.

Repair or Replace Appliances with Faulty Power Cords

Perform semiannual inspections of your kitchen appliance power cords to ensure there are no exposed wires. Unfortunately, these exposed wires are a fire hazard and can lead to a fire in the workplace. Remember also to train employees to report faulty power cords upon discovery so you can repair or replace the cord or appliance immediately.

Avoid Leaving Cooking Food Unattended

Another way to avoid fire danger in the office kitchen is not to leave cooking food unattended. We all think we can multitask, but sometimes we can only focus on one thing at a time. At home, you stand by the stove and watch the food you’re cooking. Practice that same habit at the office. In addition, employees must be encouraged to practice basic fire safety and supervise their food while preparing it to ensure it doesn’t burn.

Clean Kitchen Appliances Regularly

Most people prepare a quick lunch before a conference call or meeting. Sometimes we leave a mess behind on the stovetop or in the microwave, and others are better at cleaning up after themselves. However, accumulated food debris or grease is a fire hazard on or near the cooking surfaces. This is easily an avoidable problem if everyone does their part and cleans up after themselves in the workplace kitchen.

Provide Your Staff with the Right Training

During a kitchen fire at your office, you want your staff to be fully trained on correctly using a fire extinguisher. Additionally, everyone in your office must understand how they can assist in suppressing or putting out a fire. Otherwise, your office or entire business can go up in flames if you neglect to provide fire extinguisher training to your employees.

Avoid fire danger in the office kitchen and call Judd Fire Protection today!

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