4 Ways to Prevent Office Kitchen Fires

4 Ways to Prevent Office Kitchen Fires

No matter the size of your business, Here’s how you can prevent office kitchen fires.

Keeping your office safe often involves making sure there is enough security. But in all the hurry to prevent intrusion, you may not think about any fire hazards hidden inside your building. One glaring problem is in the office kitchen. For instance, maybe it’s time to replace that aging toaster that no one is willing to use anymore. Here’s how you can prevent office kitchen fires.

Replace Power Cords

Monitor the condition of the power cords. The appliances and gadgets you keep in the office kitchen, such as toasters and coffee makers, aren’t going to be much different than the ones you would use in your home kitchen. If any wires are showing, it means they could short-circuit and cause uncontained kitchen fires. Have your employees check for damaged power cords. Once you find cords that need to be replaced, don’t delay. You’ll be thankful that you did.

Keep an Eye on the Food

The next thing to do is to watch the food. This is important in commercial kitchens that serve restaurants, food trucks, hotels – anywhere with any food service. Employees can’t walk away, and can’t distract themselves too much while waiting for the food to finish cooking. Seeing smoke or smelling something burning are both bad signs that could endanger the kitchen and the entire building. Kitchen fires are no joke.

Keep Appliances Clean

Our next suggestion is to ensure that all appliances are kept clean. Your employees should be responsible enough to clean up after themselves, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a cleaning service clean your kitchen area regardless. Food spills, grease stains, and leftover oil can all contribute to kitchen fires – even if they don’t start the fire, they can help the fire grow.

Train Employees on Fire Extinguisher Use

It’s critical that your employees know how to use fire extinguishers. Kitchen fires can be put out with extinguishers, but again it depends on what has started the fire. Accidents can and will happen because no one is perfect. It’s a good idea to keep the right type of fire extinguishers nearby, fully-charged and free of damage.

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