Do You Recognize The Most Frequent Causes of Commercial Fires for Your Industry?

commercial fires

What are some of the most frequent causes of commercial fires?

No matter what industry you work in, you should be aware of any and all possible fire hazards. One way to expand your understanding is by asking yourself one important question. That question is: what are some of the most frequent sources of commercial fires? To ensure you have the best fire protection possible, you should recognize these potential fire starters and strive to remove them from your commercial building.

In Restaurant Kitchens

The National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, has found that an astonishing 7,400 fires occur in restaurants or other commercial eateries every year, all across the country. In these buildings, the commercial kitchen is where most fires start. Deep fryers, ovens, grills, rotisseries, and other heavy duty cooking surfaces and fixtures are most prone to causing a fire. Cooking fires account for more than sixty percent of all commercial fires that happen in a restaurant. When you think about it, this statistic isn’t all that surprising – cooking fires happen incredibly often. What else might cause a fire in a restaurant?

  • The lights or other electrical and light sources
  • Heating systems that malfunction
  • Smoking materials
  • Arson (intentional fires)   

In Office Complexes

Cooking equipment is another leading cause of commercial fires in office complexes. Other common causes of fire include:

  • Electrical and lighting systems
  • Heaters and other heat sources
  • Arson
  • Smoking
  • Office electronics

In Industrial Settings

Factories, manufacturing plants, and other such settings often see the most catastrophic incidents of commercial fires. In fact, industrial settings are witness to 37,000 fires and over $1 billion in damage to property. These fires are often caused by:

  • Dust combustion
  • Liquids and gases causing explosions
  • Sparks and molten materials from welding work and torch cutters
  • Improper wiring on equipment
  • Friction inside heavy machinery

In Other Facilities

Airports, aircraft hangars, jet engine proving grounds, and oil refineries are also highly dangerous areas where fires can break out at any time. Why are fires so common in these environments?

  • Open floors
  • High roofs
  • Volatile fuels and other liquids needed for ignition

These areas often need fire protection in the form of clean agents. Clean agents, also known as clean agent suppression systems, can slow down and extinguish the fire without the need for water. Since no water is involved, all the valuable equipment and systems are spared further unintentional damage.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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