How to Prepare Your Sprinkler Systems for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Sprinkler Systems for the Winter

Now is the time to finish winterizing your building’s sprinkler systems.

Now is the time to finish winterizing your building’s sprinkler systems. After all, this week saw the winter solstice come and go, so meteorologically speaking, we are officially in winter now. Snow has already arrived, but that was only a small taste. Another wave of ice and snow is bound to hit the East Coast before long. Here is some advice for preparing your sprinkler systems so they can last the winter.

For Sprinkler Systems in General

Whether you have a generic sprinkler system or one that is wet, these tips both apply. Take note that preventative maintenance will be the most helpful in avoiding any potential problems:

  • Insulate the attic, soffits, and eaves on your building.
  • Make sure there is enough weatherstripping on exterior doors.
  • Any damages or leaks in both windows and doors are found and fixed.
  • Perform maintenance on any sources of radiant heating.

For Dry Sprinkler Systems

Your building might be equipped with a dry sprinkler system. Consider some of these questions:

  1. Does the air compressor work?
  2. Are the gauges normal?
  3. Did the system work this time last year?
  4. Have you detected and fixed any possible drips or leaks that could affect the performance of the sprinkler system?

What Happens If You Don’t Prepare?

If you don’t prepare your sprinkler systems, here are some of those consequences:

  • Exploding sprinklers: Although this might sound, just hear us out. You already know that a frozen pipe can burst due to the pressure from freezing. Sprinkler systems can freeze as well. Either way, you should keep your pipes and sprinkler systems from freezing over – frozen pipes and sprinklers mean frozen water.
  • It Won’t Work: You might not expect winter to have any obvious fire hazards, but the phenomenon of fire is always unpredictable. The last thing you need is for a fire to break out in your home or business only to find that the sprinklers have failed. Protect your building and everyone in it by making sure your sprinklers systems will activate when needed.

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