Fire Prevention Tips During the Holidays

Fire Prevention Tips During the Holidays

Winter can be an unexpectedly dangerous time of the year for indoor fire hazards. Follow these fire prevention tips to keep everyone safe!

Winter can be an unexpectedly dangerous time of the year for indoor fire hazards. There are fire prevention tips that you should follow to ensure the safety of everyone that lives or works inside the building. From your heating systems to your pipes and any other decorations that you may have up, be watchful throughout the season that they are safe and functioning correctly.   


During the winter, you’ll find yourself using more electronics that plug into your outlets. These include Christmas trees and other light features, or even space heaters. A key to fire prevention is unplugging those elements when they aren’t in use. In fact, electrical fires are one of the most common causes of both residential and business fires. Therefore, when you leave home or when your business is closed over the weekend, it’s crucial that you remember to unplug appliances and other electrical accessories that aren’t in use. Also, throughout the season, continually check your outlets and cords for any signs of damage. If any of the cords are showing signs of fraying or bare spots, you should consider replacing those items with safer units.  


Harsh winter weather can often wreak havoc on piping systems. Just like the temperature that you feel outside, the pipes connected to your home or building will also freeze. This effect causes damage, bursting, and can even render your fire prevention system unusable. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to ensure that your pipes are in top condition is that they will directly impact your ability to fight fires in emergency situations. To avoid this issue, ensure that the internal temperature of your building remains at a minimum of 40 degrees throughout the season. Also, use insulation sleeves for the pipes to keep them in good working condition, especially for your sprinkler system. Make sure that throughout the season, you periodically test your fire prevention equipment to make sure that they are functioning properly in case you’ll ever need them for an emergency.

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