3 Dangerous Myths About Commercial Sprinkler Systems

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Due to the numerous misconceptions floating around about sprinkler systems, many business owners choose to opt out of them.

When it comes to commercial fire protection, there are numerous concerns, considerations, and concerns. One of the simplest and most effective methods of commercial fire protection is the sprinkler system. However, due to the numerous misconceptions floating around about sprinkler systems, many business owners choose to opt out of them. Below three of these common myths are debunked.

Having A Sprinkler System Installed Is Too Expensive


Most people seem to believe that installing a sprinkler system is so expensive that it’s not worth it, unless they are mandated by law. However, commercial installation of a sprinkler system during construction only costs about one dollar per square foot. This can be four or even five times more expensive if you build first and tack on the sprinklers later. Installing sprinklers also lowers your insurance premiums, which saves you money.


Sprinklers Go Off At Will


Many people believe that sprinklers are so sensitive that even the littlest things, such as some smoke while cooking or lighting a few candles, is enough to activate sprinklers and make your building a soggy mess unnecessarily. Indeed, it would be wildly inconvenient if even the most slightly risky of day to day tasks was enough to turn your home into a swamp. Fortunately, this is not accurate or true. Sprinklers do not simply react to the tiniest and most non-threatening wisps of smoke. Sprinklers only activate when exposed to excessive and dangerous levels of heat, and not when you accidentally burn a pot roast. Also, only the sprinklers closest to the source of the fire will activate, rather than all of them.


Sprinkler Systems Are High Maintenance  


Indoor sprinkler systems are actually designed to be simple and quite easy to use and take care of. While the systems themselves can vary between homes and commercial buildings, they do not overall require expensive, invasive, and constant maintenance to remain at their best. The main inspection step of many home systems simply involves making sure that no obstructions are getting in the way of the sprinkler heads and making sure that the main control valve is on.


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