Testing Your Commercial Business’s Fire Alarms

judd fire protection Testing Your Commercial Business’s Fire Alarms

Let’s learn why testing your commercial business’s fire alarms is important.

Fire alarms are significant in any building. These safety devices make sure the persons within a building are notified during a fire so they can exit the building quickly. In particular, fire alarms are crucial in businesses. Many businesses must have fire alarms because they always protect the people inside, and you can alert the fire department so they can arrive at your building quickly. With this in mind, let’s learn why testing your commercial business’s fire alarms is important.

How Frequent Should You Test Your Fire Alarms?

You should be testing your commercial business’s fire alarms periodically. Generally, you should physically and visually examine your fire alarms monthly. However, according to local regulations, you should also have a licensed fire protection inspection at different intervals – 6 months, one year, five years, and 10 years. Since you manage a commercial business, you must follow the rules according to commercial regulations. Also, ensure you know what requirements to comply with them.

What are the Risks of Not Testing Fire Alarms or Doing so Inaccurately?

Besides complying with local regulations, you want to be testing your commercial business’s fire alarms at specific times, so they can operate correctly and complete the job they’re meant to do. The following incidents can occur if you don’t test them or do so incorrectly:

  • Loss of property
  • Injury or loss of life
  • Legal action against your business
  • Property damage

How Do You Test Your Commercial Business’s Fire Alarms?

You can test your commercial business’s fire alarms monthly if your fire alarm system is a simple setup. For instance, you can examine smoke detectors in your company by pressing and holding the test button to determine their function. Suppose you must abide by your local area’s regulations for certain periods due to your complicated system. In that case, a reputable fire protection company should handle this job for you. When you trust this crucial responsibility to the experts at Judd Fire Protection, you know your system will work accurately during a fire.

The experts at Judd Fire Protection understand what it takes to test your commercial fire alarms properly. Contact us now to ensure your commercial fire alarms operate as they should and guard your business and its people.

Commercial and Residential Fire Prevention from Judd Fire Protection

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