What Should I Do if My Fire Sprinkler System Breaks?

What Should I Do if My Fire Sprinkler System Breaks?

The most efficient way to deal with a broken fire sprinkler system is to already have a response plan in place.

In emergency situations, you expect your onsite fire prevention and protection solutions to be in working condition. While proper maintenance does ensure that these elements are taken care of, it doesn’t prevent systems from breaking over time. If you find that your sprinkler system is broken, follow this guide to avoid water damage and ensure that the system will be reliable when you need it.


The most efficient way to deal with a broken fire sprinkler system is to already have a response plan in place. Consult with your property manager or maintenance crew to ensure that an emergency water shut-off plan is in place. If necessary, include designated employees in the plan that will be positioned to enact emergency shut-off procedures, and ensure that this plan covers all shifts. Work with a professional fire prevention service, such as Judd Fire Protection, to properly train the employees. Finally, make sure that all employees are equipped with the contact information for necessary personnel in the area, to adequately respond to the faulty fire sprinkler system, including the local fire department and senior management.

Quick Response

Sometimes, you’ll find that an isolated sprinkler head has stopped working or has accidentally activated. Use one of the available temporary devices to turn off the water. Next, be sure to contact a professional fire prevention service to examine and repair the system. Once on site, your property manager or maintenance crew can use a tool to insert into the sprinkler stop valve to stop the water flow. A shotgun shutoff tool also blocks water flow from both standard and semi-recessed sprinkler heads for commercial spaces. Finally, a quick stop tool stops the water flow of damaged, sheared, or intact sprinkler heads, and is even operable via remote control with a 12-foot telescoping handle.  

Proper Maintenance

Your property manager or maintenance crew should be following preventative measures throughout the year to ensure that your fire sprinkler system is properly maintained. Schedule regular inspections and perform immediate repairs on any issues that you find during those inspections. Be careful not to paint over any of the related components or hang any ornaments or other decorations from the sprinkler heads. Also, be sure that the sprinkler heads remain unobstructed and that nothing touches them.  

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